We want to make the world more beautiful for children - starting with the children's room. We want to create children's rooms that reflect the individuality and different preferences of every child - at every stage of their childhood.

Wir möchten aus Kinderzimmern eigene Welten machen – und glauben an die Kraft der Kunst, um genau diese Individualität auszudrücken.

That's why we at kiinst have a very clear mission that we work on with all our hearts: we want to be the address that immediately comes to mind when you think of children's posters. The idea came about when Denis, one of our founders, was looking for children's posters for his own children. He googled and googled for days and scrolled through all the children's catalogs of well-known poster shops.

"Why can't it be easier to find beautiful children's posters?"

And so kiinst was born to offer parents a wide range of exclusive children 's posters. We work with selected artists - our artists - who not only know exactly which topics are important and trendy for children (and their parents), but also offer a wide range of styles. As a small family-run business, it is very important to us that our children's posters convey positive messages to children and are sustainable throughout the process - from material to production and delivery.

We hope you enjoy browsing our catalog and we hope that we can fulfill our mission.